Compared to other homeowner loan providers in the UK, we strive to offer our clients quality loan services whenever they need.

Fast service delivery

We strive to ensure that our clients get fast service delivery. We understand that when you are requesting for a loan, you are seeking a means to access money fast and put it to use. Our loan processes are designed to take a short time of no more than 24 hours. We recommend our clients fill all the details required during the loan application process and to have the paperwork ready which shows proof of property ownership. The loan process is usually fast and simple. With all the requirements met, the loan is usually disbursed to the client within a short time.

Low cost services

Brush Strokes Loans offers low cost services to clients. We have selected a panel of lenders whom we know offer the best rates against the homeowner loan borrowed. Since homeowner loans are classified under secured loans, the interest rates charged are usually low.

Quality expert services

Brush Strokes Loans offers quality expert service using skilled staff. We have a team of financially knowledgeable staff that offer high quality information regarding homeowner loans.

Open customer service

We have staff available at all times to offer quality customer service options to clients. These cater to clients’ inquiries and dilemmas when it comes to homeowner loan acquisition. Our lines of communication are always open to our clients.