Brush Strokes Loans is quite different from other homeowner loan service providers. Learning what makes us different will help you seek more to gain our services. Why not go through information that will help you know more about us intimately and make a choice today.

What we have to offer

We have the best homeowner loans to offer our clients. We have made our loan search and application processes to ensure that our clients get an easy time. With free accurate online quotes and tailor made loan options, clients have plenty to benefit from our company. We care about your credit rating and thus have made our application process one that will not affect your credit record.

How the process works

We have knowledge in the rules that lenders impose on clients who seek loans. This enables us to convey the lenders information to you with accuracy. We understand that you may not be well accustomed to matters pertaining to financial borrowing thus seek to relay the details to you in layman’s language. When you have ascertained that you want the loan, we send the application details to the lenders for the loaning process. The lenders can then communicate with you directly to confirm on the loan details and also to arrange for the disbursement of the loan.

The cost incurred

As a client, you incur no cost. We offer our services free of charge. This however does not mean that we are not doing business. Our income comes from the lenders who are charged when the loan is completed. We have no hidden costs. The processing cost that comes with secured loans is noted on the quotes we offer our clients. The fee is usually cost to cover property valuation and legal administrative costs.

Advice to clients

While we connect you to the ideal lenders for your custom loan needs, we want you to be shrewd in the loan acquisition process. Our focus is in your loan offers. We do not look into offering insurance policies for borrowers. It is possible to encounter insurance offers from the lenders provided. However, before taking up such offers; seek financial advice from independent sources before making that decision.