What is a homeowner loan?

A homeowner loan refers to the amount of money a lender advances a borrower against the owner’s asset or piece of property. This loan is only awarded to homeowners who are able to provide proof of ownership of their property.

What does Brush Strokes Loans do?

We are the team responsible in making your loan application simple. We review your needs and link you to the lender that has a custom package that suits your needs.

What if the property is used against other loans?

In cases where an individual has used their property to access other loans, you will be required to clear the loan balance to access a homeowner loan. This is carried out through the dealing with the lenders that we have partnered with to facilitate accurate quotes and fast loan application processes.

What do I need to access this loan?

  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must be 21 years and above
  • You must own a property in the UK region
  • You must have a full time job or show the ability to repay the loan

Do you offer payment protection insurance?

No. however, some of the lenders do provide it but we recommend that you seek independent financial advice before taking up the option.

What happens after I have submitted my loan application?

In the case of secured loan, you are contacted in less than 24 hours using the details you provided to converse about the options available. You are given a quote and notified on the documents that you are required to send to us. With the details completed and the papers received, your application is handed to the lender for the loan completion and disbursement of the loan money into your account.

Do you have quotes for every lender in the UK region?

No. We are focused on getting our clients quotes from reputable and competitive lenders. We also want our clients to receive personalized homeowner loan offers thus narrowing our search to lenders with customized offers. Whenever more lenders come up with appealing offers, we add them to our panel to ensure that you as a client get the best.

How much do you charge for the services you offer?

We do not charge for our services. Our income is earned from the lenders since we charge them on the loans that have been completed. For secured loans, there is a fee incurred which is usually noted on the quotes. For such cases, the fee covers valuation and legal costs.

Can my loan be declined?

Yes, there are loan applications that are declined. When the lenders identify you as a high risk borrower, there is a high possibility that the loan may be turned down. They get to decide whether you can afford the loan or not. This is usually based on your level of income and your expenses.

Will the loan application affect my credit rating?

No, it will not affect your credit rating. We use reference checks that have no impact on your credit rating.

Can I use this loan to consolidate my loans?

Yes. You can choose to use the homeowner loan to consolidate other loans. However, we would like to offer you crucial financial advice. Check that it is economical to consolidate the loans before you choose to take such action. This will help you benefit from our loan offers while handling just a single credit need.

Is application for loans from multiple lenders dangerous?

Yes. Loan application from multiple lenders can be damaging. Each lender will carry out a credit search against your application. Shopping around will mean multiple lenders running credit background checks on you which eventually turn out to be damaging to your credit history.